Blended Family Ministry

blended families statisticIn the United States alone, 40% of families today are blended families. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce and that rate increases with remarriage. Gaining Ground Ministries has a passion for people. Steve and Samara Ashley desire to share God’s love, encourage couples, and give them hope for their future. They know from firsthand experience what works and doesn’t work with their own blended family of seven and are called to share their story and life experience with others.

They enjoy traveling and speaking to all different age groups wherever God calls them to go, whether it be stateside or out of the country. Some of the topics they cover in a conference include: communication, discipline, structure, shared parenting, schedules, holidays, finances, dating your spouse, and your future family. They have had very positive responses from their past conferences and look forward to returning for follow-ups. Here is a testimonial from their latest Conference: 

“13 days ago, my husband and I got the biggest wake up call. We went to a conference for blended families. We realized that we left the door to our house wide open for the devil to spread his mischievous plans. We let work and school and the valleys of life come between our once strong marriage. We didn’t talk, didn’t kiss or show any affection for one other. Rather than letting God have control i sank lower and lower into depression and would secretly blame myself. On the day of the conference I received this book that has saved not only my spiraling marriage but my family. My husband and I decided that we needed to read this daily devotionals together. We told the kids what we was doing and that we have kicked the devil out of our house and he is not coming back! In the past two weeks there has been so many blessings! My kids are happier, the joy and love is back in my house, broken relationships in our family are starting to be mended, and I am able to talk to my husband again just like the old days in the beginning of our relationship and marriage. Praising the Lord for sending Samara Ashley and Steve Ashley to us and Sami’s devotional. We will never be able to thank you enough for the difference you two have made in our life.” 

You can choose to have a one or two day events either in your town or plan a getaway conference.

Contact Steve and Samara today to inquire about coming to your town!