Prayer has EVERYTHING to do with life!

Nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. Churches grow when people pray effectively to get people saved,receive resources, remove barriers,and enrich the service of Christ.

As I have been studying this morning, I was overwhelmed and challenged with my prayer life. I pray but do I really pray? I pray for revival in my heart, the family, the church and the nation. Lord change me today.

There are two kinds of means requisite to promote a revival: the one to influence God, the other to influence men. Prayer is an essential link in the influence that leads to a revival, as much so as truth is. Some have zealously used truth to convert men, and laid very little stress on prayer. They have preached, and talked, and distributed tracts with great zeal, and then wondered that they had so little success. And the reason was that they forgot to use the other branch of the means, effectual prayer. They overlooked the fact that truth, by itself, will never produce the effect, without the Spirit of God, and that the Spirit is given in answer to prayer. – Charles G. Finney

The Lord has challenged me to pray more. When we feel as if our prayers aren’t being answered and we don’t know what to do, PRAY!

Sidenote: If we have sin in our lives that we haven’t not repented from and turned away from, God will NOT even hear our prayers much less answer them. If you have been praying for something and you haven’t had the prayer answered, i want to challenge you to pray for God to search your heart. “Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

God loves you and God is able to do the impossible. God is able! Surrender to Him today!

In Christ,